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Takshni is the maximum expression of handcrafted sculptures in brass. Takshni means the chisel in Sanskrit; a tool for carving out tangible manifestations of creativity.

It belongs to the realm of human expression where the hands of the creator work in synch with his imagination and inspiration transcending the usual and the mundane.

Takshni stands for empathy towards its craftsmen, reliability towards its customers and integrity towards its work.

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Takshni has two verticals, our collection and custom made pieces under three categories: Smara, the gifting range; Vibhasa, the decor range and Ekam, the exclusive range.



There are two main processes of lost wax casting: solid casting and hollow casting. Solid casting does not use a clay core but instead a solid piece of wax to create the mould; hollow casting is the more traditional method and uses the clay core.

The first task in the lost wax hollow casting process consists of developing a clay core which is roughly the shape of the final cast image. Next, the clay core is covered by a layer of wax composed of pure bee’s wax, resin from the tree Damara orientalis, and nut oil. The wax is then shaped and carved in all its finer details of design and decorations. It is then covered with layers of clay, which takes the negative form of the wax on the inside, thus becoming a mould for the metal that will be poured inside it. Drain ducts are left for the wax, which melts away when the clay is cooked. The wax is then replaced by the molten metal, often using brass scrap as basic raw material. The liquid metal poured in hardens between the core and the inner surface of the mould. The metal fills the mould and takes the same shape as the wax. The outer layer of clay is then chipped off and the metal icon is polished and finished as desired.

  • We at Takshni work endlessly in the strangest of escapades for exploration of our traditional crafts to fuse it with lost wax casting in order to discover the possibilities of the medium so that it is released from the boundaries of being preconceived and precise.
  • Takshni’s moulded and chiselled alloys fused with stone, wood, iron, clay; mystifying intricacies and inherent richness of traditional crafts of our country epitomises artistic manifestations of creativity.
  • They are created using nothing else but a set of gifted hands and some basic tools and equipment by the artisans residing in three states of India namely Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal

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Design Language

We at Takshni sketch the initial design on paper and then convert the work on Autodesk to create front, side and top view of our sculptures.

Once done, the artisans are given all the views to mould, cut or engrave the design on the material which we are going to use.

Artisans discuss and ponder on pieces which are fusion of 2-3 materials and get involved in their specific specializations.

About the FOUNDER

Richa Uppal, Founder and CEO is an alumni of University of the Arts London, UK and National Institute of Fashion Technology, India.

For her Takshni is a revelation. It is in heart a love story and a passion that verges on fascination: that of a fashion designer for altogether another area of design; mixed-media and kinetic sculptures.

During her research on inclusive growth through craft; for her MA, she met indigenous artists residing in tribal belts of India. She made a decision to bring two different strata of society together to create something unique.

Takshni is at its seed stage where rural artisans are trying to create art pieces by adapting to applied science and technology. In years to come, Takshni is conjured to foster rural Indian artisan and create distinctive sculptures.


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