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Takshni is multi-disciplinary design and research studio.

Founded in October 2016 by Richa Uppal, who received her undergraduate degree in Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology and her MA in Design from University of the Arts London, UK. During her graduating thesis on inclusive growth through craft; for her MA, she met indigenous artists residing in tribal belts of India.

The design practice predominantly dedicated to the upliftment of the tribal artisans soon developed its own design department, operating at nano- scales crafting bespoke and exclusive sculpture, furniture and installation.

Using traditional Indian techniques and making it a point of honor to re-actualize the handmade, it is in the phase of converting the raw handcrafted pieces into highly sophisticated pieces, at times diverging into the area of art. The practice, albeit only 2 years, has garnered acceptance in the Indian and global market.

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We at Takshni work endlessly in the strangest of escapades for exploration of our traditional crafts to fuse it with lost wax casting in order to discover the possibilities of the medium so that it is released from the boundaries of being preconceived and precise.

Takshni’s moulded and chiselled alloys fused with stone, wood, iron, clay; mystifying intricacies and inherent richness of traditional crafts of our country epitomises artistic manifestations of creativity.

They are created using nothing else but a set of gifted hands and some basic tools and equipment by the artisans residing in three states of India namely Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal.

We sketch the initial design on paper and then convert the work on Autodesk to create front, side and top view of our sculptures, installation, furniture. Once done, the artisans are given all the views to mould, cut or engrave the design on the material which we are going to use.

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Curator and Creator

"I will not reason or compare, my business is to create" - William Blake.

Takshni means chisel in Sanskrit. Chiseling is not just a technique used for carving out sculptures in wood or stone. It also brings alive the materials thereby adding an aura of realism. We chose this name in sync with our interpretation of art as well as life in itself.

As a curator Richa says “I look forward to new interpretations of evolving themes seen through the ever increasing inventory of interested and skilled souls that evaluate and participate in the ageing of soul through their craft and nous of art.” At Takshni we are inspired by Kurt Vonnegut who said art makes your soul grow. Takshni is a place where from solitude and pure creative impulses arise artefacts inspired by literature and diverse aspects of life.


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