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Why do we do what we do

We had set up Takshni in 2016, because we wanted our crafts on a global platform as well as something meaningful for the artisans for a better economic return and for recognition of their talents and skills. Furthermore, we also wanted to create something meaningful for our customers who look for quality handcrafted products with roots in India but with a contemporary appeal.

We are proud to say that our exclusive Design and Quality interventions, has helped us to take traditional craft of Dhokra from Chattisgarh and Orissa or which is known all around the world as Lost wax casting, to a whole new level of craftmanship. Additionally, we have spread our learnings to other craft sectors in India. Our work now includes the craft forms practiced by Stone and Wood artisans of Orissa and Uttar Pradesh.

When we started our journey, we wanted to be attached to our roots and wanted a name which reflects us; a name which every artisan could relate to. We came across a tool which was used by most artisans; a chisel to carve out their pieces and when we looked into its Sanskrit version, we knew that this was it. Takshni means chisel in Sanskrit and we manifest thoughts into tangible art using natural materials at Takshni.

our story

The Vision

At Takshni we celebrate India, we want Takshni to be a global brand and we endeavour to bring all that we love about India to customers around the world. We also want to promote Conscious Buying.

The Mission

We want to use the crafts of India and contemporize them to fit into modern homes of India and across the globe. We want to bridge the gap between art and craft and want to utilize the skills of our artisans to an optimum level in order to create unique pieces.

India’s Artisan base is primarily rural and it follows naturally that the craft outcomes of this sector are an expression of geographical, local and community-based traditions. The data on the Artisanal sector in India still remains uncertain, with data numbers pointing to a range from 7 million to 200 million. Craft communities are diverse and distributed across all of India’s regions. Artisanal Craft cultures of India are rich repositories of indigenous tangible and intangible knowledge systems. Many of these are oral, and passed down generations. Some are embedded into crafts processes, material know-how, tools and skills. Still others are encapsulated within rituals, festivals and customs. Working with craft communities is an enriching experience, full of exploration and discovery. In engaging with artisans, we deeply experience their cultures and traditions. And taking artisanal creations to customers gives us the opportunity to transport these cultures to a wider audience. We believe that in a world that has increasingly become directed towards a mono-culture, conservation of heritage and recognitions accorded to local culture are the way forward for artisanal communities. Join us in our journey as we endeavour to both promote and perpetuate India’s heritage and cultural legacy.

our story